Who Is Excel Girl?

I’m Kirsten, aka Excel Girl, and I’m thrilled you’re here. Welcome!
My passion is to help my clients get the most out of Excel. Whatever issues you are having with Excel, I’m here to help.

Why Excel Girl?

Excellent question. Since founding Excel Girl, I’ve worked with clients in more industries than I could have imagined. My goal with every client is to set them up for success using Excel. Sometimes that comes in the form of training, sometimes all that is needed is automation of a process. At the end of the day, a small investment of time can translate into big efficiency gains down the road.

Still curious?

That’s great! A curious mind suggests we’ll get along just fine. I am known by my colleagues and clients as someone who lives and breathes Excel. My backstory is that I was working full-time as an Actuary, which for the uninitiated means I worked 100% in Excel. Colleagues would occasionally stop by my office, looking for help with their Excel problems. It became obvious the struggle that so many have with Excel and I knew I could do something to alleviate that pain. Excel Girl was born and I’ve been enjoying the journey ever since.

Why I do it

My favorite part of being an Excel consultant and trainer is the immense variety in the projects and people I get to work with as a consultant. It is wonderful to see my clients enjoy an easier time with Excel.

Contact Me

Other work

If you’d like to learn more about me, my full bio can be found on my LinkedIn profile page

What others are saying

“Kirsten is an exceptionally knowledgeable individual who responded quickly to all requests and is a great resource. We will definitely be using her for future projects, and I highly recommend her.”—Tory B.

“Kirsten did a fantastic job! She was quick to determine what we needed and delivered it within 48 hours. She was also very responsive to our questions and concerns. I would highly recommend her!”—Curtis H.

“Kirsten did an excellent job. She was very easy to work with – she understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish – and she was able to create the spreadsheet with very quick turnaround time. She was very responsive to my feedback and addressed my questions in a very timely manner (either the same day or by the next morning). I would definitely hire Kirsten for any future projects we may have.”-Keven F.

“Kirsten helped me through a rough spot in my data analysis for a research project. She was knowledgeable about the Excel functions I needed and flexible in scheduling online meetings to meet my needs. I will recommend her to my colleagues who need quick, efficient and effective Excel Coaching.”-Lorry S.